Duties of Officers of Locals

29.3 Term of Office

29.3.1 The term of office for Shop Stewards, Unit Stewards, and all Officers of LEC’s shall be not more than two years or less than one year and shall be deemed to be two years unless a Local adopts a bylaw to the contrary. For the sake of continuity, terms of office may be overlapping, if so provided in Local Bylaws.

29.5 Duties of Officers of Locals

29.5.1 President

The President shall enforce compliance with Bylaws and regulations of the Union and Local; preside at Local meetings; be an ex-officio member of all Local committees; generally supervise the affairs and operations of the Local; carry out such other duties as may be prescribed by Local Bylaws.

29.5.2 Vice-President

The Vice-President shall perform all the Presidential functions during any absence of the President and accept and exercise such other duties and powers as may be designated by the Local Executive Committee or the President. The Vice-President may also attend all functions (including all regional meetings and Conventions) of the Union, in place of the President when the President cannot attend.

29.5.3 Secretary

The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Local and keep Minutes; distribute notices to all members of the Local, as required; answer and/or forward all pertinent correspondence; and forward all pertinent membership information to the appropriate union regional office.

29.5.4 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for proper administration of the assets of the Local, including the operating funds.

29.5.5 Chief Steward

The Chief Steward shall, like the Unit Stewards in Multi-Unit or Composite Locals, coordinate and assist the Shop Stewards.

29.6 Trustees

29.6.1 Every Local shall elect an audit committee composed of at least two members to be known as Trustees. The Trustees shall be elected at a general membership meeting from among the members and may not hold any other office in any Local. They shall hold office for a two-year term, but at the first election in a Local the terms may be varied to provide subsequently for overlapping terms.

29.6.2 The Trustees shall examine all books, records, and properties of their Local, including any Unit thereof, at least twice each year. All Officers of the Local are required to make available all necessary documents to the Trustees on reasonable notice. The Trustees shall file an audit report, in a form specified by Headquarters, to Headquarters at least once in every six months and shall also make a full report to the first general membership meeting following each audit.